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INCOME TAX CALCULATOR 2020-2021.: Income Tax File, Income Tax

INCOME TAX CALCULATOR 2020-2021.: Income Tax File, Income Tax 

INCOME TAX CALCULATOR 2020-2021.: Income Tax File, Income Tax 
Calculate income tax, TDS and export forms as an Excel files

This app is providing income tax calculator and forms to government employees working in Gujarat. It is very easy to use. Users will find all guidance about tax acts and usage of app functions. You have to enter figures of salaries, other incomes and deductible amounts. All the calculations are displayed in the app. There are options for export forms - Gujarati form, Form - 16 and Salary Statement as Excel file.

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Disclaimer : This app does not represent the government entity. It provides information from government sources.
INCOME TAX CALCULATOR 2020-2021: tax File, tax
Income Tax Return Filing.Easy Tax Calculator for India to Compute & Compare the tax regime that suits you.Tax calculation has never been very easy and fun! When most of the taxpayers find tax computation and tax planning very complex, My Tax India enables assessees to try to to these with it's simple and powerful interface. Union budget 2020 has put forth two tax regimes to settle on from, and with My Tax India, be it the new regime or the old, it's just a enter the park to foresee the liabilities and make better use of tax saving instruments. With My Tax India advanced interface and tools, tax payers understand the tax calculation and Tax saving opportunities so on choose the simplest suited from the old and therefore the new tax regimes.
Income Tax Calculator That’s all. Your detailed tax analysis are going to be displayed including Surcharge, Rebate, Cess and etc. you'll save records, edit records, update records and share the records via all the available options.You will also get a further data comparing between Old Regime and New Regime and it'll tell you which of them regime is more beneficial for you.So that, you'll opt the regime while filing the return. With this you'll also plan the advance tax payments (if self-employed Business/profession), TDS (if you're employed, you'll tell your employer
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