NEP Competition For Teachers 16.9.2020

NEP Competition For Teachers 16.9.2020

NEP Competition For Teachers 16.9.2020

This is a word that we get to read / hear 3/4 (three / four) or more times a day.

In society, at home, on TV, in the office, at school, on Facebook, in the newspaper and not knowing where? You hear only one thing everywhere.

There is a lot of competition and there are countless reasons to prove it right.

It seems that if there is anything in this world then there is only competition. An artificial environment has been created, the fear of which has ruined the lives of countless people and is continuing.

It is an artificial fear that makes people think of failing even before they start working. This word shattered the dreams of countless people, it has so much pressure that it cannot be described in words.

This imaginary fear is propagated in such a way that it now seems real.

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