A mutual fund company is an investment company that receives money from investors for the sole purpose to invest in stocks, bonds, and other securities for the benefit of the investors. A mutual fund is the portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other securities that generate profits for the investor, or shareholder of the mutual fund. A mutual fund allows an investor with less money to diversify his holdings for greater safety and to benefit from the expertise of professional fund managers. Mutual funds are generally safer, but less profitable, than stocks, and riskier, but more profitable than bonds or bank accounts, although its profit-risk profile can vary widely, depending on the fund's investment objective.Most mutual funds are open-end funds, which sells new shares continuously or buys them back from the shareholder (redeems them), dealing directly with the investor (no-load funds) or through broker-dealers, who receive the sales load of a buy or sell order. The purchase price is the net asset value (NAV) at the end of the trading day, which is the total assets of the fund minus its liabilities divided by the number of shares outstanding for that dat,
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The road transport ministry in association with National Informatics Centre (NIC) developed this SMS and web based applications for queries about genuineness of vehicles, RC Driving Licence Details.
To Get Vehicle Details whether it is a genuine or not, you just send an sms
To get details about Registration Certificates (RCs)
SMS ‘VAHAN’ with vehicle RC no and send it to 7738299899
To Get the status of a driving licenceSMS SARDL and send it to 8790499899.
For DL Status Check: Type SARDL and send the SMS to 8790499899
Example: SARDL AP26 19860001659 8790499899

Details will come by return SMS
To get the details using SMS a person will have to use.
For RC Statius Check: Type VAHAN and send the SMS to 7738299899
Example: VAHAN DL3CAP9473 7738299899
Details will come by return SMS
To get the Status of Web Application Number thru SMS send as “SARAPPL WebNumber” to 8790499899
Eg., SARAPPL 1210 to 8790499899
To get the details of Appointment thru SMS send “SARATHI AppointmentNo” to 8790499899
Eg., SARATHI 165954 to 8790499899
for vehicle details and for holders of driving licence.
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